JMA has a proven track record for developing packaging programs that sell in and sell through, helping you increase sales while protecting margins.

Consumers are on their own when it comes to making a purchase decision in the aisle. The retail sales force is typically unmotivated, uninformed and turns over rapidly. They can't possibly be experts on everything in the store. To make matters worse, new, constantly changing technology has resulted in an abundance of products that have broad market appeal but are confusing. The combination of all these factors frequently results in the consumer buying the less expensive item, the wrong item (which leads to returns), nothing at all, or worse yet, your competitor's product.

Jordan Miller & Associates develops packaging strategies that perform in today's self serve retail environment, which can give you a big edge over your "packaging challenged" competitors. Our packaging programs self sell, justify price points and encourage retailers to take on more SKU's. JMA has developed an excellent reputation not only with our clients but with retail buyers who refer us to their vendors on a regular basis.

Our packaging programs perform and generate more profit for you and your retail partners...
That is why we get referrals.

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