JMA makes the web easy-to-use for your target audience, creating more click throughs and further entrenching your brand into the minds of the product end-user.

Today, the world wide web is beginning to mature along with its users. Most business homesites are either static and featureless or chock full of features without direction leaving most website users to waste valuable time trying to find the information they need.

Many sites have bells and whistles that may briefly impress other developers and newcomers, but inevitably lead to longer download times. Other sites may have a full collection of viable business functions, but forget that the ultimate user is a human being with no programming experience, or any knowledge of the business or products featured.

Jordan Miller & Associates designs and develops websites that easily and quickly educate users about your products and generates more interest for your entire line. This translates into increased sales through clicks and bricks and less end-user frustration.

Sample sites: