JMA's sensible approach can help you enjoy the quickest and best possible return for your marketing budget.

Our experience enables us to deliver the right strategic marketing solution without multiple revisions or input sessions with you. This will save you time and allow you to get to market quicker while focusing on other aspects of your business. Our unique sell-in approach is the most cost effective and professional way to present concepts to the retail trade. We have extensive experience in all phases of the sell-in process which means you can count on one source for integrated programs. Our fees include account service (which is handled by the professional who will direct your programs) and all travel for client meetings. In addition, we are available to assist you in presentations to your retail partners.

All estimates we submit are adequate to complete the various phases including reasonable revisions. Our policy is to accurately quote projects enabling us to bring them to completion without alteration charges.

This allows our clients to plan and budget properly with no surprises. We are extremely confident in our work and in the right situations, we are willing to work on incentives. This enables our clients to keep their initial investment to a maximum and compensate Jordan Miller based on performance of the program. Jordan Miller & Associates is available to analyze your marketing budget to determine the best way to maximize results in the aisle.

Our clients work with us primarily for one reason...
We help them increase profits.